Thank you and Congratulations! 

Hi Beautiful Soul!


Here's what I ask to help us make our time on the phone even more efficient and valuable by focusing on YOU:

1) If you haven't yet please read the "My Story" page on https://www.energybeforematterlifecoaching.com/pro... It's a very comprehensive walk-through of the many questions you might have, with detailed answers for each. Please read it in it's entirety.

2) Read the client testimonials at the bottom of the Take Action page, https://www.energybeforematterlifecoaching.com/tak..., they'll give you a very clear idea on what my clients have gotten from working with me and the program I teach.

3) Please check your email for the confirmation and email me the answers to the questions before our session. 

Can't wait to dig into your situation and see how I can help. 

Whatever you do - decide your dreams however big or small they are. Invest in YOU because, in the end, you are worth it! It is the best gift you could ever give to you or anyone around you.

Sending lots of light & love!