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Bringing mindfulness and meditation is becoming the norm in our lives, organisations and the world. Taking a breath, or few, allows us to find the inner peace we crave


There is a deep craving for us to connect with ourselves, others or something deeper than something we can simply answer.

Yoga can be more than just the movement or breath, it completely depends on you.

Trained in Ashtanga with 10 years of experience teaching vinyasa, yin and other types of yoga, I provide private or group sessions for any occasion. Get in touch to find out more.

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A vision board can be seen as simply a poster board, but it is so much deeper. This is a clear and powerful tool that creates intention to you and your life.

These workshops are done in groups so that you can surround yourself with other people wanting positive change in their life. We spend a minimum of 3 hours getting clear in what you want and putting it all together onto this board.

I offer personalised packages if you wish to have a group of your friends, or to do it one-to-one for a more rapid event.


  • Discover yourself, set goals and reach them

  • Feel empowered and excited about the present and future

  • Gain a greater sense of purpose

  • Increase mindfulness and presence in daily activities

  • Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Improve productivity through action plans

  • Having big breakthroughs and AH HA moments

  • Connect with your intuition