It's a Matter of Taking the First Step to LIVE Big

dream big.jpg

Day Dreaming?

Take the first step to not only dream big but LIVE big.

I would never have been able to do all the things I have tried without taking that first step. And, wow, can it be scary. 

As children, we were fearless. We jump without knowing the consequences and we take risks that can lead to some incredible discoveries. As we get older, we are told to learn from our experiences, which often limits us from trying something new.

What are we so afraid of?

To fail. Look stupid. Not be good at our first attempt. Too difficult. Too easy. Too expensive. Too dangerous. I get it and the list goes on. But what if this is also holding us back from living our true potential?

I always hear the saying, you cannot expect different results by doing the same thing. How true is this?

During this year, I chose two things to focus on: Starting Energy Before Matter and train for a triathlon. Typically, we would think one of these endeavors was big enough, but I wanted more and at first, I was completely overwhelmed and, more importantly, terrified. 

Often it can be daunting to look at where we need to go. We struggle to look at the steps we need to take and often prefer to stick with what's comfortable. The truth is that any journey simply starts with one step. Just one. From there we can say that we are already changing our course in a new direction. 

One step. I took one step this year asking for part-time employment to focus on my business. I took another step in finding a coaching program and investing in myself. Another creating the website and putting myself in unchartered territory of a business on the internet. And most recently, getting on a road bike, running, working with an incredible tri coach, Coral, at Ohana Endurance and setting a goal of competing in two triathlons next year.

Why take these steps? Of course, I am scared of failing or what’s out there, but I am more afraid of staying in one place and never growing. I chose to take a step because I know I want to make an impact out there and know I need to make changes in order to achieve what I want to achieve. I not only want to dream big but LIVE big.

And it all starts with one step. How will you choose your first step? Book a free consultation with me now and let's find that first step in living big.