Kid President, Awesomeness and You

As a teacher, I loved sharing Kid President's video on How to Change the World with my classes. My students really loved the video and would feel inspired to take action afterwards. It was funny and relatable, but can it be this simple?

The truth is, a title doesn’t make you more important. The world is changed by you. It’s one person filled with love and they just have to live it out and so they do something awesome then that person is filled with love and they do something awesome.
— Kid President

We all have vibrations. We give and receive these vibrations to those around us. This includes people we know, don't know, cross paths with, etc.  Have you noticed that when you feel happy or excited, those around you catch the energy as well? It is the same when we are feeling sad or down. When we have feelings of fullness or love, we can share those vibrations carrying ourselves to a lighter place and inspire others to do the same.

Reflecting back, I can definitely recall the times that I carried both lifting and heavy energy. In the end, I realized it was about ME. I have that power to change and to be of love rather than anguish. Then by sharing my love with others, it felt contagious and I felt energized. Wee all have that opportunity to share something awesome. We can be that change.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I create the space so that we can break through old boundaries or limitations that have held us back from abundance. We create a space of love and raise those vibrations to abundance. From a space of love we can all share something and that, in itself, is pretty awesome. Being one person CAN be all the difference in the world. And it all starts with YOU.