How to Make Your 2018 Vision Board


If you weren’t afraid of the outcome, what would you do?

I won’t lie - this isn’t my first vision board. And it won’t be my last.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend about vision boards. Being a yogi, and speaking with other yogis, the idea of how useful the vision board came up. To some, it's a tangible thing that allows us to see what we want to manifest and keep us focused. To others, it can be a tad bit egocentric and manifest things in the wrong way. 

For me, it has been helpful as a visual tool to bring out my heart’s desires. Sure, there are a lot of things in there and you're probably thinking: Damn, you want to manifest all of these things in 2018? That’s a lot in one year! 

I like to dream big and my heart feels 2018 is going to be a great year. I have started many things this year that I want to see blossom in the next year and have placed them on my board as reference and motivation. Okay, MAYBE some are slightly for fun (who doesn’t want a little bit of James "Jamie" Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser in their life?).

On a serious note, where did I possibly start? Here is a breakdown of what you want to consider when creating your vision board…there are definitely other options and would love to know what you like to include in yours, but this is how I approached mine for 2018.

#1 - What do you want for 2018?

This can be the most difficult part of the whole process. We need to get CRYSTAL clear on the things that we want otherwise, we may get distracted. The vision board helps that drive forward, however, how do you figure out what you want to see?

When first experimenting with vision boards, I used Lululemon’s worksheet that you can find here. I see they have another, more in-depth, worksheet that you can use, here. They use one that encompasses the next few years, so it gives you the chance to make 2018 a stepping stone to one of your bigger picture ideas. There are 3 key things to remember when writing them out: Language (keep it in the present tense), quantifiable and specific, and the date you want it done by. From this point, you can narrow it down and decide what images or words can best represent what you want to manifest.

#2 - Digital or hardcopy? 

Nowadays there are so many options in front of us and you need to decide whether you want to have something physical or digital. They both have advantages: digital can be carried around easily, take little space and seen often; and a hardcopy allows you to really create it from your two hands and gives you options to get creative with the materials you have.

I’ve done mini vision boards using the Wishboard App. It didn’t cost anything for me but I believe there is a fee now. If you have an iPhone, using Pages easily works too! The nice part about this is that you can find pictures, it's more environmentally friendly and we are usually checking our phones.

This time around, I chose to do a physical copy. Living a pretty nomad life, it is hard to collect materials but let’s discuss that now! 

#3 - Materials

Do you want to use a cork board or canvas? Pens? Magazines or printouts? Stickers? Glue? Tape? I even put my embroidery skills to work and embroidered 2018!

There are countless options here. I had to blend some of these things. First, I did want to print out specific things, such as the triathlons I want to compete in next year. The other pieces, I knew I could find from magazines but I didn't want to buy them. As many people tend to have them and don’t know what to do with them afterward, I checked out my local Facebook groups and asked! I also decided to make it a gathering (did you know Spotify has a playlist for vision board parties?!). 

#4 - Putting it together

Many people tell me they aren't creative and this can be frustrating for them. Remember, this is meant to be your own work. It doesn't matter how it looks, the important part is putting it together for you to see and stay motivated. I invite you to play! 

The placement and how you want it to look is completely up to you! Get creative and make mistakes - it’ll have more character that way! 

It ended up being 3 of us who met up, made it a special little aperitivo, had magazines from generous people around Lucca, gathered materials we could share and started making it! Making it with friends ended up being a lot of fun and it added the element of accountability as we would plan and share them with one another.

With 2018 approaching and my vision board hanging on my kitchen wall, I can say I am pretty proud of myself. I am ready for 2018, how about you? 

If you need help with figuring out what you want this coming year or being more decisive in exactly it is that you want, book a free consultation with me today!