A Moment to Share...

Can it be possible to FEEL so content from sipping a warm tea, typing on my computer with the softly lit lamp and Van Morrison playing in the background? Some of my favourite moments are after a packed-solid day, coming home and just spending time with myself.

Can life be this simple? 

I can't argue enough that it can be. I haven't had to fight to be here either. Not anymore. I've come home, cleaned up the house and was looking forward to this moment. The moment to be with myself. And, boy, did it not disappoint.

Moments like this can catch us off guard. You know, I don't remember feeling these moments much in the past. The feeling of complete tranquility in my heart and mind. Not thinking too far ahead nor holding onto the past.

It's a beautiful thing.

I have realized that when we fight and fight for things to work a certain way, like a plan we are inflexible to readjust, it never works the way we want it to. We fight the current. Hit obstacle after obstacle. Nothing feels like it works out with how we want it to. We feel discouraged, disappointed and drained.

Is this how I want to feel? Ummm, NO! 

Not I. It was a matter of first feeling gratitude for the moments (as I've mentioned in the past posts). At first, it might be just thinking about them, but the important part is once we can feel it. Once we can feel that moment again, we can easily connect to that moment and crave for more. Once we FEEL it, we allow ourselves to start riding the wave and moving with the flow. Allowing life to bring us along to opportunities and work through what was considered a 'problem' from the past to permanently let it go, are two beautiful results of feeling and reflecting on moments we feel grateful for.

We are meant to have a good life. We are meant to LIVE. And just like this moment of writing, I will have many more as one thing that gratitude has taught me, is that I have FAITH there will be many more. Isn't that what we all want?

And with that, I send light & love your way in hopes you find peace and tranquility in whatever moment is in front of you. If you want more positivity, light and love your way, make sure to stay tuned to the next post in a couple of weeks or join our private Facebook community, Manifesting YOUR MasterLIFE, here: https://goo.gl/fALwM1