When It's Time to Walk Away

I had been living in Italy for two years - two beautiful years. Full of frustration, love, joy, sadness, lessons and much more. That period had taught me so much about myself and, as sad I was to say goodbye, I knew it was the right time to leave.

The truth is, we all have something that we need to close the door on. The problem is that many of us live from a place of fear rather than trust. The lack of faith brings us to sacrifice our truest potential.

3 telling signs we are ready to move on:

1) Remember your ‘why’: What was your ‘Why’? Have you fulfilled it? My ‘why’ to moving to Italy was to heal: Heal my heart, my soul, and my life. Once I fulfilled that, I realized that I needed to move forward to something that was going to bring me to the next place I needed to be.

2) We become less creative: Creativity is crucial in our lives and when we get comfortable, stagnant and even bored, we can find ourselves becoming complacent. We don’t explore anymore, we lose our imagination and stop growing. We get trapped in the vicious cycle which spirals into moodiness and less clarity.

3) It no longer serves you: Are things becoming extraordinarily hard? Problems keep coming up? This definitely happened as I was trying to stay in Italy. Issues were arising and signs were definitely coming up: Relationships shifted or getting anything done was difficult and a major process.

I’ve been exploring the idea of letting go of things that no longer serve me. One thing that I’ve realized was whenever I close a door, I have many options that open up. It can seem scary, but the positives that have come out this have been phenomenal. By not holding onto attachment, we can allow ourselves any of the possibilities out there.

I now live in England and I’m here looking at new opportunities, new ways to see the world. I am ready. What’s holding you back from moving to the life that you want?