Looking Back at 2018


A year has almost gone since starting this venture and moving into a more truthful, vulnerable life. Of course, it hasn’t been all roses but I can say that my constant commitment to myself has allowed me to really have a fulfilling year. Much of this comes from my vision of what I wanted for my year.

Yes, I am one of those: I envision what I want and put all of that energy into my vision board. For those who haven’t seen my board for this year, check it out here.

My vision for 2018 had a mixture of health and community-related events. I focused on completing two half Ironmans and changing my physical habits. There was also the inspiration to create a community where I was. Even though I had no idea how I would get what I wanted, the what had been concretely placed in front of me.

Training for a half Ironman was tough physically, emotionally and mentally. It broke me during times and I was originally so overwhelmed in how I would achieve it. That is when I met my coach. She is my saviour. With her help, I managed to not only achieve my dream of completing a half Ironman, but complete it in 5 hours and 35 minutes! It really changed my belief that I CAN do anything.

The community was not exactly what I had planned but, reflecting on it, I see what I needed in my life and that was the community created in Lucca. This was my second year running Yoga on the Walls - Lucca and this year was wear things really started to click. We held weekly events and met up afterwards. We started meditation groups, other events and led to many projects around Lucca. This community filled my soul.

There were other little things on my board that involved healthy living and enjoying the simplicity in life. In many ways, there were many moments like this while in others I gave myself permission to be who I wanted to be in the moment (which included eating gelato). There was even a little piece of the board that included a man which my friend made me focus on. Even though I wasnt ready, I wanted a Jamie Fraser (Google him if you don’t know who he is and I will try not to be offended). I’ve finished this year knowing that I am now ready.

What I have put out there has come back to me in many ways. When I took that time to dig deep and find out the things that I want, it allowed me to also not display the things I do NOT want. This has led to a purposeful way to manifest.

What are you currently sending out to the universe? Are you still focusing on what you don’t want yet continue to receive it? Take a moment to check in with yourself and see what it is you really want. Place it somewhere and let go of the how and then start to see and seize the opportunities.