Why Looking Forward is the Way to Go


This may sound ridiculous, but how many of us actually LOOK ahead? Most of the time, we focus on what happened to us in the past that we never make it to looking ahead. Another problem we encounter is that when we DO look at the future, we don't actually get clear it is in what we want, who we want to become or how we see ourselves.

What DO you want to be when you grow up? Many of you may be puzzled by this question, but seriously, thinking about where you currently are; where DO you want to be in the future? Most of us change careers throughout our life but I am not only considering that here, I am considering our life in general. How do you want to carry yourself in the world? What will make us happy? What skills do we want to have?

In order to start looking at my future, I wrote a letter to myself. I challenge you to do the same. What is your message to your future self?  I did this because I thought about what I want in the future and there are 4 words that I continue to hold onto. AND the best part of this is that I don't need to start this later...sure I have written it down as an intention for the future, but now that I am clear on what I want and who I want to become there is NO better time to start that than now. I can start living this way NOW. These words are my 'why', my drive and what I intend to practice. These are words, but the meaning behind them explode into what I want to do in the future: Make the world a better place. 

Sending lots of light and love your way!



Dear Future Self,

Right now I am sitting at the Cafe in the gym and have been wondering what and how I want you, future-me, to be like. In truth, this is a hard question. In school, it was an active practice to reflect on things we would do over again as if we should regret past actions. For me, the meaning of regret is when I haven’t learned the lesson(s - yes to the extra s) from that situation. 

Rather than focusing on the past, I want to focus on the future - my future. I want to focus on the person I want to become, the person I dream of becoming.

So, Jackie, there are some things that I want you to consider. I want you to consider the 4 words that you live by - Love. Heal. Create. Inspire. These 4 words are your why’s in life. 

Love - Do you love what you do? Are you sharing love with those around you? Are you creating a space of unconditional love for others? Have you loved fully today? 

Heal - Now, I know that I currently have triggers or bad days that comes up (because, seriously, who doesn’t?). I want you to remember, are you giving yourself the love, forgiveness, and awareness to properly heal? Are you resting? Are you being the healer you were meant to be? How do you help other’s heal?

Create - Creating is essential for you. I want to be creative in any way possible. Don’t forget to get back into embroidery or quilting! Create a curriculum that can help and inspire others! Create a space for others to BE themselves. Are you creating something today?

Inspire - This is the big one…I want my future self to know that by living from the heart, I can inspire others to bring back their confidence, love and own healing. I dream to see how ONE person can make a difference by inspiring from a place of love and then that person can take it and share their inspired-selves to inspire someone else. How can I remain inspired? How can I use my heart and experience to get my message out there?

These things will make the world a better place. Jackie, I ask you to use these 4 words in allowing you to be the person you really want to be and to drive you forward. Love. Heal. Create. Inspire. Don’t lose those.

And remember, no matter what happens, I see you. I love you.


March 14, 2018