When We Fight Our Inner Voice

Photo by  Chris Ensey  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

I asked myself some interesting questions through my meditation this morning which led me to hear a small faint voice - my inner voice. What I heard wasn’t what I had hoped. 

There are times that we may want something, even badly, but it isn’t meant to be. What happens if we fight our inner knowing? 

1) Physical Challenges Arise - Our inner voices are meant to guide us into the grander scheme of things, so if we choose to ignore that voice, we delay and start to see problems around us. We will start fighting with the things around us because we are attached and not ready to change. The environment starts to show us signs that we are meant to change, but we delay it because we aren’t aware.

2) When we ignore that inner guidance, we also begin to slow our own internal growth. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as sometimes we need to fall back in order to become aware of where we truly want to be. Think of it as emotions: without sadness, how do we know if we are happy? Without a stumble or trip, how can we really appreciate our growth?  

Even if you aren’t ready, know that the whisper you hear is guiding you to the bigger scheme of things. It may not be right now, but keep a note of it somewhere and know that it’ll continue to pop up as a sign until you flow with it. Fear is definitely something that holds us back, but the universe has our best interests at hand. Let things flow and choose to take that advice or answer as an opportunity.