Why the Need for Measurement Can Hinder Results

Keeping tabs

We have this need to measure everything: our weight, speed, productivity, love and the list can go on and on.

What does this do?

There are definitely pros. They can be the tangible results of improvement, tracked progress and more which seems to lead us to, ‘why talk about this?’

This thought hit my mind as I sat on the bike this morning. As I sat down and started to pedal (and half asleep at 6am), I realized it was without a computer. I thought about moving thinking I needed to know my speed, etc, yet changed my mind. I wanted to experiment, or play, and was just plain curious. I decided that I wanted to simply listening to my body and how it reacted with the bike rather than worry about the numbers. I ended up sweating, more than I usually do, and feeling accomplished afterwards.

Sometimes when we stop sizing ourselves up we exceed our perceived results. We push our limits.

This always happens to me while I run. I am supposed to measure my speed and stay on pace. Then there are times that I run without looking at my watch and, a funny thing happens, I tend to run faster and for longer.

The same thing happens in life. Sometimes if we stop looking at the scale or measuring our performance through grades and numbers, we can see that we are doing alright, often better than we thought or hoped.

Measuring can be helpful but sometimes we need to throw out the scales and skip forward with how we are feeling. It’s about trusting ourselves without judgement.

Think about the ways that you measure yourself in your life. Be curious to explore these boundaries and see what happens. Let go of the control in needing to always know something and see what happens. I dare you.