Productivity and Worthiness

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We all have our 'little victory’ rituals when crossing off our to-do lists. When I first meet with potential clients many of them tell me how little time they have, that they want to be more productive yet even though they complete millions of tasks in the day, they completely forget what they did.

Productivity should feel good but when we do things that don’t align with our values, we tend to feel less productive and we lose our sense of purpose. A lot of this downward spiral eventually hits our sense of worth. After careful consideration, a question I started to explore was, “how do we evaluate our worthiness in terms of a value?”.

Our worth is a piece of the puzzle to improving our productivity. As humans on this big ol’ planet we need to feel valued and, when we do, we really soar. Simply, we get sh*t done while feeling great doing so.

If we feel worthy in our relationships, career or whatever else we pursue, we feel much more confident to try new things and, better yet, break through things that held us back. The one thing that must be said is that, the more risks we make, there will be a time that we fail. No matter the number of times we may fail, the important part is learning that our worth should not be defined by succeeding or failing, rather the steps we take to get there. This, in itself, is what makes us more productive as we hold back on that negative self-talk and limiting beliefs and still strive to try it.

A way to become aware of our sense of worth is to start thinking of it as a bank. Take a look at what things increase (and decrease) that value. For many women, relationships tend to be a big factor so really consider if that is where we want to put a heavy amount towards. On the other side, men career related endeavours tend to be heavily weighted. What I have discovered is that it’s not necessarily what we do but who we are while doing it and it’s something I’ve been mindful of. The question will be, how will your worthiness stack up?

Start today: Figure out what you need to do to increase that value and find yourself starting to be intentional about reactions you may have and really question whether this should be something you store in that worthy-bank. If our sense of worthiness and purpose comes from this pot then it’s about time to make sure to take control of it so that we can really stay focused and increase our productivity in a purposeful way.

For those who need that stuck and really want more out of their lives, let’s connect. Let’s have a conversation and see how we can not only jumpstart your productivity, but fill your sense of worthiness so that you are living the way you really want to be.