The Link Between Imperfection and Growth

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My journey never stops. I meet people that are surprised to find out that I still continue to work through my own blocks. The incredibly wonderful thing is that I am not perfect. I absolutely love that I continue to learn about myself and am willing to challenge my thoughts, patterns, beliefs in order to grow. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi’s, “be the change that you wish to see in the world,” left a very profound impact after these years of self discovery.

Interestingly, in the past, I would have looked for things outside of myself when I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and it would either be through a new relationship, buying something, spending frivolously, etc. Whatever I did, I thought my solution to happiness was outside of myself. I was lost. I was drifting around reacting to the world around me wondering why things always happened to me?

I knew that I needed to change but had no idea how to. I had no idea how much this indecisive and insecure nature impacted things such as finances, love and friendships. I had no awareness in just how many beliefs or patterns were holding me back.

That was until I started the real work - starting from within - with my first coach.

What I learned is that when I am solid in who I am, I remain present of where and who I am in this world, I start to react less and observe and listen more and then everything else starts to flow. There is an appreciation for what I have and a readiness to move forward. And those things that I searched for outside of myself?

I have figured out that if I stand in who I am, everything else is secure where my desires become purposeful and everything evolves from there.

If we want to change the world around us, we must start within ourselves. We must seek our own growth and, only then, can we find that change outside of ourselves. I work with clients who move from lost or ungrounded to confident and present in just a couple of sessions. I see what other’s want to see and believe that it is possible. We work together to open that potential and from there, their energy and desire to grow and change intensifies. If you are ready to move from lost to empowered, book a consultation with me.