Why Looking Forward is the Way to Go


This may sound ridiculous, but how many of us actually LOOK ahead? Most of the time, we focus on what happened to us in the past that we never make it to looking ahead. Another problem we encounter is that when we DO look at the future, we don't actually get clear it is in what we want, who we want to become or how we see ourselves.

What DO you want to be when you grow up? Many of you may be puzzled by this question, but seriously, thinking about where you currently are; where DO you want to be in the future? Most of us change careers throughout our life but I am not only considering that here, I am considering our life in general. How do you want to carry yourself in the world? What will make us happy? What skills do we want to have?

In order to start looking at my future, I wrote a letter to myself. I challenge you to do the same. What is your message to your future self?  I did this because I thought about what I want in the future and there are 4 words that I continue to hold onto. AND the best part of this is that I don't need to start this later...sure I have written it down as an intention for the future, but now that I am clear on what I want and who I want to become there is NO better time to start that than now. I can start living this way NOW. These words are my 'why', my drive and what I intend to practice. These are words, but the meaning behind them explode into what I want to do in the future: Make the world a better place. 

Sending lots of light and love your way!



Dear Future Self,

Right now I am sitting at the Cafe in the gym and have been wondering what and how I want you, future-me, to be like. In truth, this is a hard question. In school, it was an active practice to reflect on things we would do over again as if we should regret past actions. For me, the meaning of regret is when I haven’t learned the lesson(s - yes to the extra s) from that situation. 

Rather than focusing on the past, I want to focus on the future - my future. I want to focus on the person I want to become, the person I dream of becoming.

So, Jackie, there are some things that I want you to consider. I want you to consider the 4 words that you live by - Love. Heal. Create. Inspire. These 4 words are your why’s in life. 

Love - Do you love what you do? Are you sharing love with those around you? Are you creating a space of unconditional love for others? Have you loved fully today? 

Heal - Now, I know that I currently have triggers or bad days that comes up (because, seriously, who doesn’t?). I want you to remember, are you giving yourself the love, forgiveness, and awareness to properly heal? Are you resting? Are you being the healer you were meant to be? How do you help other’s heal?

Create - Creating is essential for you. I want to be creative in any way possible. Don’t forget to get back into embroidery or quilting! Create a curriculum that can help and inspire others! Create a space for others to BE themselves. Are you creating something today?

Inspire - This is the big one…I want my future self to know that by living from the heart, I can inspire others to bring back their confidence, love and own healing. I dream to see how ONE person can make a difference by inspiring from a place of love and then that person can take it and share their inspired-selves to inspire someone else. How can I remain inspired? How can I use my heart and experience to get my message out there?

These things will make the world a better place. Jackie, I ask you to use these 4 words in allowing you to be the person you really want to be and to drive you forward. Love. Heal. Create. Inspire. Don’t lose those.

And remember, no matter what happens, I see you. I love you.


March 14, 2018

When We Fight Our Inner Voice

Photo by  Chris Ensey  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

I asked myself some interesting questions through my meditation this morning which led me to hear a small faint voice - my inner voice. What I heard wasn’t what I had hoped. 

There are times that we may want something, even badly, but it isn’t meant to be. What happens if we fight our inner knowing? 

1) Physical Challenges Arise - Our inner voices are meant to guide us into the grander scheme of things, so if we choose to ignore that voice, we delay and start to see problems around us. We will start fighting with the things around us because we are attached and not ready to change. The environment starts to show us signs that we are meant to change, but we delay it because we aren’t aware.

2) When we ignore that inner guidance, we also begin to slow our own internal growth. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as sometimes we need to fall back in order to become aware of where we truly want to be. Think of it as emotions: without sadness, how do we know if we are happy? Without a stumble or trip, how can we really appreciate our growth?  

Even if you aren’t ready, know that the whisper you hear is guiding you to the bigger scheme of things. It may not be right now, but keep a note of it somewhere and know that it’ll continue to pop up as a sign until you flow with it. Fear is definitely something that holds us back, but the universe has our best interests at hand. Let things flow and choose to take that advice or answer as an opportunity.

How Starting a Business is Similar to Training for a Triathlon

Have you ever took on something and then later realized what it really meant? That was me about a month ago. 

Let’s recap: I took this year off of teaching to work part-time so that I could start my business as a life coach. My dreams, following my intuition and knowing my life’s purpose to serve others, allowed me to bravely venture out of my comfort zone and try this new adventure. 

What I had not planned was training for a half Ironman (and my first ever triathlon) this coming June. I have an amazing coach, use part of my time to train and also thoroughly enjoy MOST moments. How could I not? I cycle the Tuscan hills and run anywhere I want. However, it hit me about a month ago - RIGHT IN The FACE. I actually thought about how long the race was...how I may potentially finish a half Ironman in 7-8 hours...

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 22.33.21.png

Usually the one endeavour would be enough for most people, but I’m not most. When I want to do something, I tend to do it. I was not sure how to start either but I took things one step at a time to get to where I am currently at. I am not at the end point in either journey, but I can't deny my progress either. It has taught me some very interesting lessons, including how similar starting a business and training for a triathlon can be. 

That’s right - starting a business is similar to training for a triathlon and here are some reasons why: 

1) They both take determination -  there are mornings I jump out of bed eager to get on the bike and others not so much. On the business side of things, there are equally times I get frustrated with technology and want to give up. But what keeps me going is my 'why' and seeing the progress I am making through this journey. It is leading me to push my boundaries, learn, grow and test new boundaries. I am learning so much about myself and am intrigued on where it can take me. 

My why is the reason I keep going and I continue to go back to this. I am coaching because I want to serve those who are ready to be a badass in life. To watch and support those on their journey is one of the most rewarding sights to behold and be apart of. And why do a triathlon? I've wanted to do one for a long time and had let life get in the way. I wanted to test my boundaries and, as a life coach, I really want to live the life that I encourage others to. This is not just a physical test, but emotional, spiritual and physical. 

2) They both take bravery and courage...or to be a little crazy -  the looks I receive when I say either, ‘I opened a business in Italy,’ or ‘I am going to do a half-Ironman and my goal is 7 hours’ always leaves me smiling. Yes, I am stepping out of my comfort zone, which many think can be crazy, but who wants to stay in the lines? If you want to live the way you want, you need to start colouring outside the lines. Get out there! 

3) They both require you to SHOW UP (and continuing to show up) - I definitely don't get things right the first time around (heck, I could say the same thing about many things in my life), but I do know that just by showing up, I am going to move forward. Sometimes this can be the scariest part but use that bravery and courage to take that step and take a look at what amazing opportunities lay ahead.

4) Practice, practice, practice - After showing up, comes practice. I had a HUGE problem creating videos and putting my face 'out there', but over time it has become a bit easier and even a bit more fun. Sure, I screw up what I might want to say, but I can definitely see how practice and time have led to improvements. As for running - I continue to work on pacing and as much as I struggle with going out too quickly, it is becoming easier with awareness and practice.

5) To have ‘those’ days (aka f**k-it days) - If there is anyone out there that can say that EVERY day has been amazing and worked perfectly, then they are obviously a unicorn. I have definitely hit those days when nothing works...and I mean nothing. This can be when my legs are feeling incredibly sore and I can barely walk down the stairs or when I am trying to work out how to get my scheduling system to work on my website. No matter our intentions and amazing attitude, there are days that we just need to say screw it and give ourselves the permission to let it go.

If there is one thing starting a business and training for a triathlon have taught me, it's that it is never too late to start. It's never too late to take charge of your life, to bring power back into your soul and to inspire others that this is also possible for them. I've lived enough of my life following a path that didn't suit me and now I can honestly say how GOOD I feel about the decisions and choices I am making in my life. And it is all because I chose to follow my intuition to start a business and give a triathlon a go. Who knew how similar and wonderful these things could be.




All From a Photo of Me


A friend of mine took this photo of me a few weeks ago and when I first saw it, I thought, "don't I look like a dweeb?" I've never been one who likes getting my photo taken but my friend piped up and told me to look closely - what I saw was incredible.

I saw pure joy, my inner soul shining out and complete fulfillment.

I haven't always been this way. I STRUGGLED, ACHED and was tormented with the desire to find more in my life. Life never felt easy and there was always something that blocked my way. If it wasn't one thing, it was another.

I cried almost every day. My job was suffering. I didn't eat. I lost interest in the things around me. My relationships were struggling as well - especially with my husband. I could hear what my inner voice was telling me to do, but I was too scared to follow it. I ACTUALLY believed it was better to continue losing myself than to clear our the toxicity in my life. And even worse, I didn't feel I DESERVED to be happy.

My breaking point was in my apartment, closed off to the rest of my house and husband, trying to practice yoga. I realized something, "I had travelled around the world and been doing amazing things in hopes to find 'home'. But, what if 'home' wasn't where I was, but who I was with?" This started to rock the boat a little and after further exploration, I realized I needed a lot more than to rock the boat, but build a new one!

I didn't want to be the victim any longer. I WANTED TO HAVE A VOICE. My REAL voice. Not what others thought I should have. After two weeks apart from my husband, I mustered the strength to tell him I didn't want to be married any longer. It was one of the SCARIEST things I had to acknowledge as I was terrified of being alone but the fear of spending my life with the wrong person started causing me greater panic. On the other hand, it was the most FREEING action I took. After this, I realized that I was strong enough to do the things I had always wanted to do but was just to damn afraid to.

Travel alone. Start a business. Be ONLY with me. NOT settle.

It wasn't an automatic shift, but it was a BIG one. For me, and I believe for all, we have these triggers that show up in our lives to further develop our growth and awareness. When we follow our light and path, life seems to flow with less resistance. It comes more naturally. I can say from the deepest part of my being that I have never felt SO fulfilled or empowered in my life. I see how we are ALL connected and our energy flows through us, however, I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN LIFE. I have that power back in my life...and I am so ever grateful.

So, back to this picture - Can you see it? Can you feel it? It is my ESSENCE. My being. My soul, shining out and I am living my purpose in helping others find this place because you know what? WE CAN ALL HAVE THIS!!!

If you are tired of feeling held back from your potential and want to fly ahead in your pursuit to happiness, send me a private message and let's connect - I have some space opening up in my "Manifesting a MasterLIFE" program. It's a free chat to explore and see what working together might look like.

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Whatever you do - decide your dreams however big or small they are. Invest in YOU because, in the end, you are worth it! It is the best gift you could ever give to you or anyone around you.

Sending lots of light & love!