How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become an intuitive life coach?



To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today – guiding women like you as they free themselves from feelings of lack and stagnation and find true fulfilment, balance, and a deep appreciation for the present.

That defining moment in my life happened in 2016.

My childhood was often painful, tremendously lonely, and traumatic. My mom did everything she could to support me but I still struggled. I suppressed as much of the loneliness and pain as I could, but it was always with me. I entered into one damaging relationship after another - I was always seeking mutual love and trust but instead found the opposite.

But then, at 22, I couldn’t hide from myself anymore. All the trauma came flooding back. I could vividly remember it all, and it started to consume me.

I knew my pain could break me if I let it. I decided, instead, to dig deep into myself and begin the process of healing. What happened to me was a story - but I refused to let it be my defining story.

I dove into energy work - yoga, meditation, essential oils. I began to spiritually connect on a deeper level until I felt ready and able to face my inner demons. My awareness of my physical and emotional self-blossomed too.

Then, when I was 28, I got married. There was a lot of love there but I didn’t like the way we treated one another. It drove me into a very pessimistic place. I was negative and closed. And the Universe followed my energy. I was hit with one challenge after another.

I remember doing yoga one night, surrounded by pollution in Beijing. I wondered “What if the issue is who I’m with? Is he really the one?” My whole body said no. I found myself saying the sentence, “I want a divorce” to my best friend. And once it was out there, there was no turning back.

And so I left. I booked a ticket to Bali and re-committed myself to living as my true self, my spiritual, loving, connected self. I realized that I had felt nothing in quite some time. I was just empty. As I travelled, I was constantly followed by the feeling that I had nothing to give. I couldn’t find myself wherever I went.

But then, one day, I was sitting at my desk and I found a job posting in Lucca, Italy. I just innately knew that I could live - and be truly alive - in Italy. I moved, and that one choice changed my entire life.

Never a bull moment! (wah-wah)

Never a bull moment! (wah-wah)

I met a phenomenal life coach, who helped me re-awaken my desire to help others. I became decisive, passionate, and determined and I haven’t looked back. I look at my vision board now and want to cry because of where I’ve been. I couldn’t have imagined my life now - and I know my transformation has only just begun.

Now, one year later, it’s crazy thinking about how much my life has changed. I let go of so many layers of trauma and behaviours that were holding me back. I worked through my fears, loneliness, and despair. And now, I feel full. My SOUL feels full and complete.

I have acknowledged and forgiven my past and set out to create my ideal future and started teaching other women how they can do the same: I watched their hearts fill up too!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others take a deep but compassionate look at themselves, practice self-love and kindness, embrace vulnerability, forgive and release what no longer serves them, and ultimately feel empowered again.

Since then, I’ve worked with private clients and spoken in front of groups: Every day I work toward my dream of continuing to travel and competing in triathlons around the world; I live my dream of travelling the world on my own terms and generating income while doing so and now, as a fulfilled being, I am ready to take on the world in front of me and to guide those who crave the same thing. Through my experiences and training, I have created the Manifesting a MasterLIFE Program developed to bring empowerment back into your lives by clearly find your objective, bring awareness in your current patterns and to open as many doors as possible for you to create the life that you deserve.


- Success Stories -

Jackie has a very relaxed, positive and action orientated approach. It was like talking to a wise old friend, and I felt very comfortable in opening up to her. I was a bit skeptical at first as her style comes from a spiritual standpoint but I realised it was a much more effective way of bringing out the real me and the best in me. What I really appreciated was that the end of the sessions we very much focused on what I would do next so what we talked through could be practically applied to actively bring about the changes I wanted to see in myself and in my life. What I now have is a confidence in myself as well as a humility that was never there before.
— Femina Sanghvi
Jackie is genuine, down-to-earth and had a miraculously calming effect on my ‘birthing’ journey. As I transformed into a new life, new career, and a new purpose, she intuitively guided me to success ensuring past paradigms didn’t derail my passion and progress. I highly recommend her authentic and calm coaching style.
— Deb DeJong, Deborah D Coaching
Jackie has been a positive influence in my life. We come from two different backgrounds where I am a scientist and don’t feel comfortable with the idea of energy, chakras, gratitude, hope, etc, so you can only imagine our first conversations…I was so skeptical! Through her desire to help people, listening to my problems and being present, I learned to be more lenient with myself, to accept compliments, to be grateful for the things that happen in life and to be open to changes. Then I could discover my barriers, such as my obsession with control, and learned awareness of these barriers that allow me to work on these blocks. If you want to start a journey, I would really suggest my dear friend, Jackie! If she was able to open my mind and change a skeptical person, she will do wonders for everyone. Thanks, Jackie, I love you so much!
— Irene Berardone - Alma Master Studiorum Bologna
It’s been life-changing working with Jackie. She helped me discover and transform all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I came to her feeling so insecure about myself and my capabilities and after her program, I feel like a totally different woman! I feel empowered, secure and have already put my life dreams into action! Thank you, Jackie, for letting me see who I really am and empowering myself to my infinite capacities!
— Patricia Yiu - Empowerment Coach