What Clients are Saying:

It was a great experience working with Jackie. After spending all of the money on workshops, seeing therapists and other professional development events, I can’t believe only after one session we could find the source of my pain.
— Vanessa T
Jackie has been teaching me yoga 1:1 for the last few months. Before that, I was an absolute beginner who had never done it before. I’d always wanted to go to a class, but I felt nervous about doing it for the first time surrounded by other people. (To be honest, I really thought my body physically wouldn’t be able to do it, and I’d completely embarrass myself!) That’s why I chose to have private sessions.

I’m pleased to say my nerves were unfounded. Jackie immediately made me feel at ease. She was incredibly patient and broke down the poses to suit my level, which not only helped me to learn the fundamentals but also built my confidence. I have surprised myself at the progress I’ve made in such a short time.

What’s more, Jackie has such amazing energy and brings her full, authentic self to every session. I look forward to our time together each week - often a mix of yoga, life coaching and the occasional bit of reiki!

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually love yoga now, and it’s like there’s something missing when I don’t do it. I feel ready enough to go to a class now and not embarrass myself! All of this is thanks to Jackie. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Kevin Hurst
Jackie has a very relaxed, positive and action orientated approach. It was like talking to a wise old friend, and I felt very comfortable in opening up to her. I was a bit skeptical at first as her style comes from a spiritual standpoint but I realised it was a much more effective way of bringing out the real me and the best in me. What I really appreciated was that the end of the sessions we very much focused on what I would do next so what we talked through could be practically applied to actively bring about the changes I wanted to see in myself and in my life. What I now have is a confidence in myself as well as a humility that was never there before.
— Femina Sanghvi
Jackie is such a warm and welcoming yoga teacher. She really makes the effort to connect with you personally and puts so much energy into helping you grow week on week. This approach helps me really think about my own development and I feel like I’m understanding more and more about my body each week! Her positive energy shines through and I always leave her sessions feeling happier and more grounded. Thank you Jackie! Xx
— Katie Francis
The session was an amazing experience. I honestly feel like I have found a new way to look at things. I can’t thank you enough for opening up my mind and help me start to rediscover my voice. I felt really vibrant after.
— Serena
Jackie is genuine, down-to-earth and had a miraculously calming effect on my ‘birthing’ journey. As I transformed into a new life, new career, and a new purpose, she intuitively guided me to success ensuring past paradigms didn’t derail my passion and progress. I highly recommend her authentic and calm coaching style.
— Deborah Dejong - Deborah D Coaching
Jackie has been a positive influence in my life. We come from two different backgrounds where I am a scientist and don’t feel comfortable with the idea of energy, chakras, gratitude, hope, etc, so you can only imagine our first conversations…I was so sceptical! Through her desire to help people, listening to my problems and being present, I learned to be more lenient with myself, to accept compliments, to be grateful for the things that happen in life and to be open to changes. Then I could discover my barriers, such as my obsession with control, and learned awareness of these barriers that allow me to work on these blocks. If you want to start a journey, I would really suggest, my dear friend, Jackie! If she was able to open my mind and change a sceptical person, she will do wonders for everyone. Thanks, Jackie, I love you so much!
— Irene Berardone - Alma Master Studiorum Bologna
Before working with Jackie I was extremely stuck. My passions of building my dream life felt so far away and I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going. Jackie helped me really focus and gain clarity on what I wanted. She also helped me step into my authentic self where I could be me - loud and proud! Her calm, understanding aura soothes you and reminds you that you have someone strong behind you! You will absolutely love working with Jackie!
— Courtney Chapman - Spiritual Life & Success Coach
It’s been life-changing working with Jackie. She helped me discover and transform all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I came to her feeling so insecure about myself and my capabilities and after her program, I feel like a totally different woman! I feel empowered, secure and have already put my life dreams into action! Thank you, Jackie, for letting me see who I really am and empowering myself to my infinite capacities!
— Patricia Yiu - Empowerment Coach