Presenting a meditation at TEDxSquareMile this year.

Presenting a meditation at TEDxSquareMile this year.

I have been so blessed with the opportunities in life which has also pushed me to present in front of others. To educate, illuminate and inspire are a few things in which bring me to stage to discuss topics from curiosity, values and empowerment.In these talks, the main purpose or focus is to ignite something within them.

I’ve had the privilege to speak in different capacities such as Rotary International to Educators.



Workshops are a great way to ignite curiosity and engagement in organisations. The goal of any workshop is to bring value and part of these are to do with finding clarity and really getting to the WHY of what we are doing.

I offer two personalised packages so contact me for more details in what you are looking for.

I enjoyed your ‘manner.’ Neither too intrusive nor too distant. Your calm help was appreciated. I liked your presentation. Easy to read and you didn’t just read what was there by spoke to it. Really enjoyed the session.
— Sarah

Some of the things that have been Achieved with my clients

  • Finding and releasing old patterns or beliefs

  • Discover yourself, set goals and reach them

  • Feel empowered and excited about the present and future

  • Gain a greater sense of purpose

  • Create a loving and non-judgemental space for yourself and others

  • Increase mindfulness and presence in daily activities

  • Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Learn techniques for releasing your internal resistance tendencies

  • Be more grounded in a range of situations

  • Improve productivity through action plans

  • Reduce fear and negative thinking

  • Having big breakthroughs and AH HA moments

  • Create new standards for yourself

  • Vibrate as the person you want to be

  • Connect with your intuition

  • Understand how your soul is developing and growing

  • Bring a deeper awareness

Jackie is genuine, down-to-earth and had a miraculously calming effect on my ‘birthing’ journey. As I transformed into a new life, new career, and a new purpose, she intuitively guided me to success ensuring past paradigms didn’t derail my passion and progress. I highly recommend her authentic and calm coaching style.
— Deb DeJong, Deborah D Coaching
Before working with Jackie I was extremely stuck. My passions of building my dream life felt so far away and I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going. Jackie helped me really focus and gain clarity on what I wanted. She also helped me step into my authentic self where I could be me - loud and proud! Her calm, understanding aura soothes you and reminds you that you have someone strong behind you! You will absolutely love working with Jackie!
— Courtney Chapman - Spiritual Life & Success Coach
It’s been life-changing working with Jackie. She helped me discover and transform all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I came to her feeling so insecure about myself and my capabilities and after her program, I feel like a totally different woman! I feel empowered, secure and have already put my life dreams into action! Thank you, Jackie, for letting me see who I really am and empowering myself to my infinite capacities!
— Patricia Yiu - Empowerment Coach